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Taco Tuesday | June 2019 Polish Pickup Spoiler

Happy Taco Tuesday! I don't have any fresh projects to share...yet, so I figured I would give you a tiny teaser for next month's Polish Pickup!

The Indie Pickup | Rainbow Reader Pendants

I have been working diligently on a fabulous new item for May 2019's Indie Pickup. It is an off-shoot of the practically-world-famous Polish Pickup, and it is a wonderful themed collaborative that seems to spark creativity every month. May's theme is 1980s, and of course I had to choose something loud from my childhood. I picked Reading Rainbow, and I am so glad I did.

Simple Garter Stitch Afghan | The Never-Ending Project

When you first start knitting, you have these grandiose ideas of cozy sweaters and charming blankets that will be passed down to your great-grandchildren. Then you knit a few (small) items and your realize that shit takes a long damned time. So you continue making things that look like they took some serious commitment, but were actually fairly quick work. Then one day, your hubris gets the better of you and you decide to knit a blanket.

It'll be easy. It's only garter stitch...