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New Item Alert: Cosmic Cloud Hair Bauble

It is Taco Tuesday, once again, over at The Crafty Taco HQ. I am not cooking tacos, but at least I am doing something almost as neat: releasing a new item!

The Crafty Taco Cosmic Cloud Hair Bauble

This was actually the very first hair bauble I made. I was experimenting with swirls and smooshes on the glass, and was feeling very space-inspired. I love how it looks like a nebula, but it isn't an exact copy of any of them.

The Crafty Taco Cosmic Cloud Hair Bauble

You may remember my Dioscur hair baubles from the Polish Pickup's Duos theme. This darling is the same size, but with a much more relaxed and organic vibe. I wasn't going for anything, just kinda letting the sparkly things guide me. Sometimes the best things happen when you have no real direction. 

The Crafty Taco Cosmic Cloud Hair Bauble

Important Info:
  • One of a kind
  • 25mm hand painted glass cabochon
  • all indie polishes
  • those big glitters are from CrowsToes Nail Color. Check em out. Top ten glittery brands, ever.
  • $6.50
  • available here
  • thick, black elastic band. Good for most hair types.

The Crafty Taco Cosmic Cloud Hair Bauble

The Crafty Taco Cosmic Cloud Hair Bauble

The Crafty Taco Cosmic Cloud Hair Bauble

Happy Taco Tuesday! Hope to see you in the shop!


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