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June 2019 Indie Pickup | Eventide Rose Gold Bangle

It is Polish Pickup/Indie Pickup time again! As a "maker", it is my favorite time because I finally get to reveal what I have been plotting in the shadows! June's prompt is "Weather" and I chose a beautiful stormy sunset picture and a wonderfully minimalist setting. I can't wait to wax ecstatic about it!

June 2019 Indie Pickup | Eventide Rose Gold Bangle

Let's start with my inspiration! This is colloquially called "The Penis Trees" by my collection of Facebook pals. When we first moved to this house in Seaside, California you couldn't really see these two palm trees (nor much of the bay, really) because there were some GIANT eucalyptus trees in a park right behind our little cul-de-sac. The city cut nearly all of them down because they were diseased and threatening to fall over during the storms. Once they were gone, we had a lovely view, albeit a bit lewd if you're of that mindset.

Generally, on the central coast, springtime is a serious time for storms. Rain, wind, and high tides all make for some spectacular sunsets when there is no land to get in the way of your view of the edge of the world. This quick shot was of a brilliantly blinding break in between two storm systems. Even the bay was tinged a lovely shade of hydrangea blue. This is one of the best pictures I have ever taken, and I really do adore it.

I posted it, proudly, on Facebook. My terrible friends (who I love dearly) immediately pointed out the phallic images, and thus a personal joke was born. I knew that I had to use this picture for June's prompt. If for no other reason than to finally fully embrace the ridiculousness. 

June 2019 Indie Pickup | Eventide Rose Gold Bangle

These delicate bangles are definitely unique, at least in the Tacoverse. I have never seen anything quite like it, and I really like the juxtaposition of the silly inspiration and the simplicity of the setting. I also think it makes the swirly "nail polish jewelry" look to a more refined and mature level. This is nail polish jewelry for the times when you have to look like a grownup! What better way to wear indie polish in a business-professional setting?

June 2019 Indie Pickup | Eventide Rose Gold Bangle

The bangle is not (sadly) real rose gold. It is just colored that way, over a sturdy stainless steel. I actually don't mind that for myself...I tend to bend and warp delicate bracelets otherwise. I wore this bangle for about two days, in order to test the sturdiness and whether it would turn me green. It  (and my skin) survived 100% intact. Each cabochon is 8mm (about 1/3 of an inch) across and painted with six different indie and mainstream polishes. Not a single one will be the same, but I did my best to match them up on each piece.

June 2019 Indie Pickup | Eventide Rose Gold Bangle

June 2019 Indie Pickup | Eventide Rose Gold Bangle

June 2019 Indie Pickup | Eventide Rose Gold Bangle

The bangle fits comfortably on my wrist, which is not petite at all. On my very thin daughter, this moves freely up the arm, but doesn't fall off over her hand. I measured, roughly, about seven inches in circumference. Measuring it against my other bracelets and bangles, it appears to be a pretty standard size.

Here's a video from my Instagram!

Important details:

  • Available from the
  • June 7, 2019 at 11am eastern
  • 30  bangles available
  • $10 each
  • each little glass cabochon is individually hand painted, so no two are alike.


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