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Taco Tuesday | 2019 Birthday Sale

It is my birthday this month, and to celebrate we are having a sale! I know I am a little tardy, but at least I am making it up to you!

I like presents, but only when I am giving them. I get all weird and morose when it comes to my birthday for reasons I will never understand. In an effort to shake off the sads, I decided to give you guys a gift! I truly enjoy wrapping up my creations, and it is the best feeling to see a happy review or an instagram post! 

You can use the code "BDAY2019" all month for 10% off all the jewelry in stock. I will try to add a bit more, especially earrings, later in the month. If I do have time to add the small sized Rainbow Reader pendants, those will be exempt from the sale as I plan on donating some of the proceeds to a literacy charity.


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