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Taco Tuesday: Fresh Stickers!

Happy Tuesday! I have been a busy bee today, and I have some fresh new things just waiting to be shared!
First up is Mr. Sad Cactus. He is so pitifully cute, and I love him! He is a reproduction of an original watercolor doodle, and is possibly the best thing I have produced in recent memory. He is $4 + 75c shipping. 

Next up is the Happiest Taco! This is the shop logo, and it is just ridiculously cute. It is a high-quality kiss-cut sticker (you can faintly see the outline below) and also retails for $4 + 75c shipping. I think that is a pretty good price, and I will be striving to keep all stickers at that price from now on.

Bonus: all orders over $20 will be getting this for free. Starting today! If you got one already, tag me on instagram so I can see them in the wild!

Last, but definitely not least, is this beautiful little peacock-esque teardrop pendant! Watermarbled with multichromes, black, and iridescent flakes, this beauty shifts from blues to purples...with a breath of green in between. You'll have to check the shop for all the pictures. This might be one that I really try to reproduce. I love it.

What are you doing for Taco Tuesday? I think I am going to do a bit of light cleaning and take a very long shower. I know, wild plans! But it is a Tuesday, what else can you do?


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