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Hecate's Charm Pendant | Polish Pickup October 2019

It's that time of month again! Polish Pickup is upon us, and I couldn't be more excited! This month's theme was "Magic & Alchemy" and I couldn't be more in my element if I tried!

 My offering this month is a  hauntingly beautiful hand-painted 18mm glass cabochon featuring a soft glow in the dark crescent moon resting on a classic multichrome background.  The setting is a round, metal alloy bezel engraved with decorative swirls. I affixed three tiny bells and hung the whole thing from a 24" silverplate chain.

I painted it with a hand-stamped and painted glow-in-the-dark moon and a few stars, then layered on a homemade black jelly and multichrome polish. No two of these necklaces will be exactly alike. 

I kinda love it. I might save one back for myself.

I was inspired by several things. Firstly: Witch Bells. You may not know the name, but you definitely know them. They are the trio of bells that hand from doorknobs. Traditionally, they ward off grumpy spirits and general bad vibes. In modern times, they are a very common part of Winter Holiday decor.

Secondly: the Moon. I am mildly obsessed with stars, space, and all things celestial. I knew I had to work the Moon in here somehow...while still setting myself apart from everyone else. The moon is, unsurprisingly, very inspiring to a lot of people. 

Lastly: The Wayward Sisters from Shakespeare's Macbeth. You know, the three witches. This trio has influenced so much of modern (and past) witch storytelling. Plus...three bells, three witches. It's a stretch, but its there!

model is 5'4 and a US size medium. 

 Pictures below are from Lisa at


  • 24" silverplate "snake" chain (similar to the Rainbow Reader, but longer)
  • individually hand painted goodness
  • soft glow-in-the-dark action
  • $14 each
  • 30 available (though I may adjust the cap if I can) in the US store
  • 1 available in the UK store


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